Winelands Art Tour

Over the hills and through the valleys of the gorgeous Cape Winelands you will come across some of the most incredible sights.  This tour is specially designed to take to you on most incredible journey. Visiting some of the Cape’s elite wine estates, viewing their private collections and opulent galleries. Exploring sculpture gardens and visiting independent artists in their creative spaces. Offering you the perfect taste of Cape Town, an opportunity to combine the experience, of culinary, art & wine.

  • Ebony Curated
  • Art In The Yard
  • Holden Manz Collection
  • Everard Read Franshhoek
  • Grand Provance
  • The Boutique Gallery
  • IS Art
  • David Walters Ceramics
  • Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden
  • Rupert Museum
  • SMAC Stellenbosch
  • Absolut Art Gallery
  • Stellenbosch Art Gallery
  • D-Street Gallery
  • Art On 5

  • Wine Estates
  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Outdoor Sculpture
  • Studios
  • Private Collections

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