Getting to know your Tour Guide

rad was born and raised in Johannesburg, where he completed his schooling and tertiary education. Growing up he was always interested in the creative side of things. Often spending his days enveloped by arts & crafts, drawing and preforming. Since leaving school he furthered his career in dance and took to the stage, where he spent several years doing ad-hoc shows and performances all around the country.

Moving to Cape Town at the age of 24, Brad got involved with an Art Gallery where he began his career wheeling and dealing in the South African Art world. Working alongside a magnificent Team, representing several local artists, handling the build-ups and hosting of their exhibitions as well as participating several art fairs. Brad thrived in his role as an art consultant.

After leaving the Gallery, Brad entered the hospitality industry with his partner, starting up an Art Chic Private Hotel in the gorgeous Helderberg region. While working with many local and international tour operators, he soon recognized the great need and interest to take foreign travelers or local art curious clientele out and about on cultural trips through the majestic cape regions.

With all his years of knowledge, experience and personal relationships that he has created with many of the local artists, this was the perfect opportunity and platform to help educate all about South African Art Culture as well as offer them an elite “artsy” experience when visiting this magnificent city.

Client Reviews


Fraser McGuicken
Art Enthusiast

“Thank you so much for the tour which we found both delightful and informative. We felt that you’d carefully and skilfully selected each gallery as they were all so different.  This enabled us to see such a broad and excellent base of SA talent.  We will definitely want to do this tour every time we come to Cape Town and tap in to your expertise again.”

Eeva van der Spy
Art Lover

“What a difference a good Tour Guide makes! I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Brad visiting an amazing selection of galleries in the Cape. I have been on a few art tours over the years and this tour was by far the most informative and enjoyable. Brad’s knowledge of the artists and their works of art is fantastic. I would highly recommend this tour as on of the best Art Tours in Cape Town.”

Elizabeth Davenport
Art Connoisseur

“After a two week trip to Singapore and Paris, we ended up in beautiful South Africa. We arranged an art tour package with Cape Culture. At first we were hesitant, feeling that South Africa and the Western Cape may struggle to compete with the European and Asian meccas of art culture. Boy, were we wrong! The Cape offers a more subtle and delicate approach to the art scene, whilst still being able to compete with the international juggernauts. The tour provided was a perfect ending to our connoisseur-ing trip. Each gallery was selected to compliment and contrast our previous experiences; offering a beautiful dichotomy to the situation. The whole holiday could be best described as rounding off a perfect three course meal with a dessert that just brings it all together (Bradley knows how to put the “cherry on top”)!”

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